Features of OpenBAS

The OpenBAS platform provides integrated automation and control across all the subsystems of buildings including HVAC systems, lighting, general control, and energy management.

OpenBAS Platform

The OpenBAS platform is composed of the following componenets:

  • Devices:
    The physical hardware in the deployment, which interact directly with the drivers.
  • sMAP Drivers:
    Processes that connect to devices in the building and present a RESTful web service and report timeseries data to the sMAP archiver. See sMAP 2.0 documentation for more info.
  • sMAP Archiver:
    A broker that stores stream metadata, supports publication and subscription to streams of data and implements a query language to leverage the stream metadata.
    Components of the sMAP Archiver include:
    • a timeseries database (ReadingDB, OpenTSDB, etc.)
    • a metadata store (Postgres, MongoDB, etc.)
    • a router
    • a query language
  • OpenBAS Services:
    Composable web services executed within sMAP driver containers that manifest higher-level logic from the interconnections of sMAP sources and OpenBAS services derived from metadata queries against the sMAP Archiver.
  • Github:
    OpenBAS github
    sMAP github