The Storm System

The Storm platform was designed to meet all the requirements of a general purpose modern wireless platform.

A modern wireless platform is defined in several aspects:

  • Microprocessor resources:
    More flash and RAM are required with the bursted computational requirements.
  • Peripheral requirements:
    The platform must provides a rich set of peripherals, while also remaininng compact.
  • Energy budget
    The ideal is a device that can operate from a battery for the shelf life of the battery (5-10 years), and spends nearly all of its awake time doing useful work (as opposed to the state transition time from active to idle and back).
  • Adaptability
    A next-generation mote platform should retain the ability to “do nothing well” as it increases in its capabilities.
  • Storage
    The platform should provide a form of non-volatile storage.

For more detailed description of the Storm platform, click this link.