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Smart Grid Store

Smart grid store is a distribution that combines BTrDB, DISTIL, Mr. Plotter and ancillary tools for configuration and management. It is a recent effort to package the research and tools developed in the ARPA-E Microsynchrophasors for Distribution Systems project into an easily installed and managed unit for use by industry. We are partnered with PingThings, Inc to make this stack available for use by industry. [link]


  • Michael Andersen
  • Sam Kumar


DISTIL: Design and implementation of a scalable synchrophasor data processing system.
Smart Grid Communications (SmartGridComm), 2015 IEEE International Conference on. IEEE, November 2015. [pdf]

BTrDB: Optimizing Storage System Design for Timeseries Processing
Andersen, Michael P., and David E. Culler.
File and Storage Technologies (FAST), February 2016. [pdf]


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